Maintaining Your Second Language by Eve Lindemuth Bodeux

Maintaining Your Second Language

This book is by Eve Lindemuth Bodeux of Bodeux International and a result of much research and the application of the strategies mentioned. It is for advanced learners of a second language such as translators, interpreters, teachers, the parents of bilingual children, journalists, international business people, heritage speakers and other language lovers. It contains practical strategies, tips and resources related to maintaining a foreign language.

It targets those who are already fluent in a second (or third) language and who are looking for ways to maintain their skills long-term. This book will help advanced foreign language speakers find their path to continued language fluency and linguistic success. It provides innovative approaches to self-study, the benefits of singing even if you can’t carry a tune, the role of technology in language maintenance and retention, how to play word and other games, and much more. It also provides links and references to many helpful language-related resources.

If you love languages, this book is for you!


March 8, 2016




Eve Lindemuth Bodeux

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April 2016