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Copy Editing
Cultural Adaptation
Rewriting British or non-native English texts for US market
Transcription (French to English)

Areas of Expertise

International Development

Translation of texts into English for NGOs and their partners active in French-speaking countries. Experience includes translating texts related to maternal and child health, food security, sustainable development, wildlife preservation, child birth in developing countries and related topics.


Translation of high-level process documents, company guidelines and manuals, calls for tenders/bids and other business materials to promote cross-cultural success in the corporate world.

Marketing, Copy Editing and Cultural Adaptation

Translation and copy editing of texts into idiomatic US English to make you look good to your American client base. Focus on both online and traditional texts. Experience includes recurring blog posts, promotional materials, articles and adapting culturally-specific content including board games, catalogues and region-specific websites.

Book Translation – Children’s, Non-Fiction and Fiction

Experience includes children’s market and adapting classic French fairy tales into English as well as translating the charming work of contemporary authors into appealing English. Book translation work also includes non-fiction and scholarly works as well as fiction.


CEO of US Translation Agency

The translations that Eve has produced over these years are of the highest quality, with meticulous attention to detail.

CEO of US Translation Agency

Eve has an excellent understanding of what we offer and our preferred style. We are very satisfied with her language services and she is always on time. Responsive, professional and efficient are the first words that come to mind when thinking of her. Thank you, Eve!

Communications Manager - Economic Development Agency, Northern France

Eve approaches her work with meticulousness and thoughtfulness, taking care to address the subtleties of language and the details that make all the difference. In addition, she is very responsive and professional. She is perceptive and inquisitive and a great team player! I have been relying on her expertise for years.

Importer & Buyer of High-End Home Furnishings - France

I have to say, WOW... very thorough and professional work you've done, so thank you so much for being a pivotal part of our team. It's a pleasure to work with people like you.

Agency Owner & Translator - France

Eve's professionalism, language skills and integrity are top notch, and she is incredibly dedicated to the profession.

Editor and Author - US

I just want to let you know what a pleasure it is to review your work. Thank you SO much for the excellent translation.

Senior Project Manager & French/English Speaker - Canada

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American Translators Association

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Admininstrator of the French Language Division

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